Shopping, Summer, Safaris

It seems that summer has finally arrived in Nairobi! And with the sunshine comes a lot of people escaping the colder weather in the northern hemisphere.

And most of them will be going on safaris - the great adventure that lets you observe the beauty of wild Mama Africa. For the amateur to the experienced traveller, the landscape and animals will always fascinate and bring with it new experiences.

At the end of their safari, a day or two to recuperate in Nairobi is the norm, and of course to go shopping for gifts.

A popular place to go for locals and travellers is Spinner’s Web (Located at 1.3A, Kitisuru Road). A very wide range of handicrafts produced by workshops, groups and individuals across Kenya (and recently, from other parts of sub-Saharan Africa) are available.

Available are a wide variety of products ranging from home decor and furnishing items to clothes and other accessories, including a beautiful range of jewellery from many different designers.

With such a big range of options, one may think it would be overwhelming… but at Spinner’s Web products are placed and spaced out in a way that lets you breathe and take your time… and one of the charms of the place is that there is a cafe for you to sit and have some coffee, tea, water, and maybe even a snack.


From traditional designs and modern/trendy designs, to one of a kind treasures, you’re sure to find that little perfect gift for your loved ones (and yourself!).

Photos will do the beautiful house no justice, get yourself to Spinner’s Web and experience it yourself!