Winter is Here

... After some very heavy rains (that have caused some devastation in some parts of Kenya...and destroyed a few roads which made getting to travel destinations an extra adventure), we now have cold days. 

Luckily, being an equatorial country winter just means cold cloudy days, sometimes with rain and/or hail... (though it has snowed in some parts of the country in the past). If one has experienced "real" winter, this is nothing compared to the real deal... but, if you look around you will see some people bundled up in ski jackets and scarves. And of course, the second-hand clothes markets (mitumba) are now full of colourful sweaters and jackets. 

The garden is also blooming (after the rains and some days of sunshine)... and every night our dinner is accompanied by a large number of moths, while during the day there's a lot of butterflies flitting about. This is new to me and I have been trying to figure out why.

I have a theory:

Between the waning of the heavy rains and the start of the cold days, I encountered a number of these little guys (sometimes on my parsley... lucky for them I usually found them before I started chopping)... They were thriving it seems... because to keep the birds away from our raspberries, this year we have put up a number of scarecrows. Alas, less birds eating caterpillars means more survived and are now floating around our house and garden. 

At least they keep the cats entertained ;) 

On another completely different note, if you're in Nairobi and would like to go experience shopping in the 'old school' shops, there are places you can go in the CBD (Central Business District)... and find some hidden treasures.



Just make sure to go with someone who knows the ins and outs!! It's easy to get lost! 

Otherwise, there are quite a number of modern shopping malls, and if you have a hankering for a Burger King or KFC (Domino's, Pizza Hut...), just ask someone and they'll tell you the closest one. But of course, I highly recommend going for the local restaurants! There's a lot of restaurants offering local and international cuisines, you'll be spoilt for choice!