Rainy Season

Rain clouds as seen from Westlands, Nairobi

Rain clouds as seen from Westlands, Nairobi

Even after living in Kenya for decades, I am always surprised with the rainy season... 

I would like to say that I have a pretty good excuse for this: it always follows a long hot dry season. The one travellers may imagine we are always blessed with. 

So, we have just had a month of rains... maybe a few more weeks of it. 

Roads are flooding, making travelling a rather exciting experience. 
If in Nairobi, all rules of the road seem to disappear. The other day cars were going around the roundabout, in the wrong direction (to avoid some water). 
While en-route to a safari destination, one may be lucky to see a part of Kenya that not many people get to see... it may mean taking the long way around, but from my own experience it just means it's another 'African Experience' to enjoy. 

Anyway, I have been wondering about what the first post here should be. 

If you have any suggestions, let us know!